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Surface Aerials is a drone filming company in Dubai that produces consistently exceptional aerial camerawork that adds value to any production. Passionate and creative while setting industry standards in professionalism and safety, we live to expand the new frontiers of aerial filming and photography.


We believe that drone-mounted cameras signal a revolution not only in filmmaking but in the very act of seeing.
 They can scale buildings, jump out windows, fly into chasms and emerge without harm. They can float beside you, then cross the skies above in a matter of seconds. With these surrogate eyes we can fly through space to witness beauty from trajectories new to humans. The world in its vastness becomes intimate as we inhabit these new perspectives. With each and every flight we celebrate this evolution in vision, and Dubai is the perfect context as a city defined by its captivating verticality.


The boundaries between ground-based and traditional aerial filming have dissolved, opening up a middle space with infinite visual potential. Expanding on a classic repertory of camera movements, the language of drone cinematography allows for immense variation and improvisation. Over hundreds of flight hours we have developed a visual language of precisely-articulated close and medium range aerial movements. We shoot with editing in mind, mixing wide and mid tracking and counter-tracking hero shots with flyaways, sweeps, approach pushes and detail shots, allowing directors to replace crane, jib and even dolly shots and thus save a lot of money on production. 


A marriage of artful flying and stunning camerawork, our showreel is an expression of the Pilot-DOP relationship at the heart of Surface Aerials.

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Deploying the latest drones and cameras, we have mastered the visual language of aerial filmmaking. We add stunning value to any production – feature films, TVCs, music videos, corporate films and promotional videos.

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With 20 years combined experience as commercial photographers, we sculpt light to invoke the emotional experience of your achievement. See our portfolios at or click here to learn more.

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With a low-latency live HD video downlink, Surface Aerials can deliver unique perspectives ready to broadcast on site, or straight to TV!

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Whether it’s archeological or industrial, we make it easy to survey, inspect, or map using a range of specialised technologies.

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Bring us your concept, script or storyboard and we’ll show you how the language of of drone filming can articulate your story. Precise drone shots can even replace dollies and cranes, speeding up production while saving money.

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Want to market homes that have yet to be built? We’ll film the surrounding skyline and collaborate with one of our CGI partners to render your future achievement in all its glory. We also shoot baseplate photography for interiors renderings.


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